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Maritime Accidents – Taking Legal Action in Alaska

Posted by: Travis | Posted on: June 22nd, 2018 | 0 Comments

We commonly hear about the road, rail, and air accidents all year round. However, fewer
people are aware of the risks faced by people who have jobs at sea. These jobs could range
from commercial fishing, cargo ships, to oil rigs. All these jobs are prone to accidents either by
mistakes or tragedies. In case a maritime accident occurred due to negligence, the employee
has a right to take legal action and earn compensation.

Types of Accidents at Sea

Maritime accidents could be of different types. A boating accident, which may include a fishing
boat accident or crabbing boat accident, is quite common. However, accidents at sea could be
more complicated than that. There are accidents that can occur offshore in oil rigs, cruise
vessels, tugboats, etc. commercial fishing accidents can occur both onshore and offshore. Other
onshore accidents include crane mishaps and accident in shipyards.

Causes of Maritime Accidents

There are varying maritime jobs and seamen are often exposed to dangerous conditions.
Maritime companies are required to take health and safety measures to reduce the risk seamen
face during their jobs. However, there are situations where the proper safety standards have
not been met and the negligence can lead to maritime accidents.

Here are a few negligent situations that may occur:

  • Unsafe working environment
  • Lack of safe or appropriate equipment
  • Absence of safety gear
  • Poor training
  • Lack of immediate medical care following an offshore or onshore accident

If you live in Alaska and have been in a maritime accident due to negligence, you have the right
to take legal action. You can file a lawsuit to attain compensation for pain and suffering, lost
wages, loss of earning ability, becoming disabled, medical expenses, poor life quality. To go
through with legal action, you will have to hire an Alaska maritime attorney.

Maritime Claims
It is recommended to know what kind of claims you can make if you have been in a maritime
accident due to negligence:

Jones Act Claims
This claim is made on behalf of the employees who have been injured on vessels at sea or
docked ships.

It stands for Death on High Seas Act. This clam is for survivors when a wrongful death occurs
due to maritime employer’s negligence.

It stands for Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. This is for dock employees and
non-Jones Act workers who have been injured.

For more information on these and other legal claims you can make, consult a maritime
attorney first.

Maritime accidents could be as simple as a crab boat injury or be large-scale like a rig or
grounding of ships. But if you have been injured due to the maritime company’s negligence, it is
your legal right to seek compensation. Families can also consult maritime law firms if their
loved ones were victims of wrongful death.

An Alaska maritime attorney has the professional experience to guide you through the lawsuit
and ensure you receive rightful compensation.

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