Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Dann D. Sheffield & Associates will not sell or share information sent to us via this Website with third parties. Information provided by site visitors is for our business purposes only.

Dann D. Sheffield & Associates does not collect personal identifying information from our website except as follows:

  • Information that you send to us in an email message. If you send an email, we may keep your email address, the content of the email, and our response. This record of communication is the property of Dann D. Sheffield & Associates.

PLEASE NOTE: Email sent to us may not be secure. (Please See Email Policy Below)

  • Information an Internet Service Provider (ISP) automatically provides as part of the internet connection.
  • Information that you submit to us in a form provided on one of our Web pages. This record of communication is the property of Dann D. Sheffield & Associates.

We encourage you to periodically revisit our Privacy Policy Statement as updates and revisions to the policy may have been made.

Email Policy:

Persons contacting Dann D. Sheffield & Associates through the email function or “Contact Us” form provided on this site should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not send confidential, privileged, or sensitive information
  • Do not ask specific legal questions. Only provide information about the general nature of your inquiry, without any specific or confidential details.
    • If the matter is time-sensitive, please contact us by phone.

In no event shall Dann D. Sheffield & Associates be held liable for any damages that may ensue as a result of a time sensitive matter; unless

a) An attorney client relationship has been entered into between the site visitor and Dann D. Sheffield & Associates; AND

b) Dann D. Sheffield & Associates has reason to know of the time-sensitive matter apart from an initial email.