[blockquote author=”R.B., Arlington, Wa.”]

Testimonial From: Our Client Who’s Injury Story Was Featured on Both “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and ABC’s “20/20”

I was seriously injured in a commercial fishing boat accident that resulted in the loss of both legs. I contacted Dann D. Sheffield & Associates shortly after my accident. Dann met with me immediately and began interacting with my treating physicians and promptly took control of communication with the various insurance companies. Dann’s professional and reassuring response preventing intimidation by the insurance and company representatives and allowed me to focus on my recovery. Dann contacted various marine experts and rehabilitation professionals to document my accident and my future medical care along with future costs associated with my permanent disability. His office also retained experts to produce a complex video presentation which documented my accident together with my injuries and impacts to my future lifestyle due to accident related limitations. My case was eventually settled to my satisfaction due to Dann D. Sheffield & Associates’ professional and aggressive presentation of my claim.

Throughout this extended and complicated process, Dann and his legal staff kept me informed of all developments and made me feel reassured that I was in good hands. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dann D. Sheffield & Associates to anyone who has had a serious injury event. I would feel confident that their case be handled in the same professional manner as mine.[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”A.P., Seattle, Wa.“]

Testimonial From: A Client Who Hired Dann D. Sheffield & Assoc. After Firing His First Attorney

I contacted Mr. Sheffield after hiring another Seattle attorney. What a difference! Mr. Sheffield immediately answered all my questions with detailed and knowledgable explanations. He always returned my calls promptly and kept me informed of the status of my case. He also assisted in referring me to a respected neurosurgeon for treatment of my accident related neck fracture. I always felt reassured and confident with Mr. Sheffield’s representation. We ended up settling my case at mediation for an amount considerably beyond what I expected. I was more than pleased with Mr. Sheffield’s services and would recommend his office to family and friends.[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”T.P., Seattle, Wa.“]

Testimonial From: A Returning Client

I have hired Mr. Sheffield on two occasions and have recommended his office to several friends involving accident cases. Unfortunately, I was involved in two car accidents several years apart. Both accidents involved serious injuries and were complicated by issues of liability on one, and the other involved voiding a release I had signed in the hospital while incapacitated. On both occasions I would have been taken advantage of by the insurance company had Dann not have intervened on my behalf. Lawsuits were required on both cases. Because of Mr. Sheffield’s knowledgeable and aggressive representation, I was able to receive fair compensation for both accidents. I remain grateful to this date that I chose Dann’s office to be my attorney. If I am ever involved in another accident (hopefully not), I will immediately contact Mr. Sheffield’s office to assist me. His professionalism has always been greatly appreciated. .[/blockquote]

[blockquote author=”N. & J.B., Bellevue, Wa.“]

Testimonial From: A Couple Involved in a Dog Bite Incident

We would like to proclaim our confidence in the skills of Dann Sheffield in settling our injury claim. His expertise was reassuring and his demeanor refreshing if not downright pleasant! Dann was able to guide us through the legalities of an emotionally charged situation with humor and personable charm while always exuding a sense of knowledge and competence which was the perfect combination for us! Thank you Dann, we would recommend you to anyone![/blockquote]

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